At the age of 15, Géraldine, a French-Swiss citizen, received André Van Lysebeth’s book “J’apprends le Yoga” (“I Learn Yoga”). From this book she learned some asanas and began to take yoga classes. This book traveled with her everywhere to remind her to practice her sun salutations daily.

In Santa Cruz, California, Géraldine was introduced to TriYoga, founded by Yogini Kaliji. This class was a revelation for her. The graceful movements and transitions between asanas made this the type of yoga that resonated with her the most. Géraldine took as many classes as she could fit into her schedule, eventually meeting Yogini Kaliji. She was immediately inspired to study TriYoga, and became a certified teacher in 1999.

While working at MOMA in San Francisco, a dear friend and co-worker asked her to teach TriYoga for the staff before and after work, which was where her teaching began. During her first pregnancy, she felt the need to move in water and used this inspiration to design a TriYoga Aqua class. She also taught a prenatal yoga class, and later a Baby TriYoga class, followed by a TriYoga Kids class.

“I like the way that yoga helped me grow from a teen, to an adult, to a mother”, says Géraldine. “I am inspired by and love to work with all different people, from kids to seniors. TriYoga is an integral part of my life. Now living in Phoenix, Arizona, I have the privilege to put a comfortable home studio and a private swimming pool at the disposition of my students. There, I teach daily yoga practices. In the summer, I offer TriYoga Aqua and TriYoga SUP (stand-up paddle) and from fall through spring I take students on meditative TriYoga Hikes in the nearby desert.”